WTF is This?

What’s up. This is what I look like sometimes.

Head on over to “Vents” if you’re already bored. This is just a bunch of blah blah yada yada on what we’re all about here.

Oh Hi. You made it.

Welcome to Venting Post 16, a place to word vomit. My name is Erin. I run a band, production and event company based out of Stockholm, Sweden called FlyingFox.

This is not a place for the easily offended or weak of heart. There’s going to be a shit-ton of cursing and general “real talk”, with particular attention placed on what is currently happening in the entertainment business because of this freakin’ plague. There will also be opinions about that. Because, after all, this is a place to vent.

But this is also a place for learning, understanding and seeing if we can come up with solutions as a community of venters. Not everything is doom and gloom…unless that’s your jam. Then we’re cool with that, too. But my goal with starting this was to get different perspectives from all sides of the music, live, acting, and entertainment business.

You see there are a lot of things you folks don’t quite get, when you give the sympathetic mantra of, “Don’t worry… this will pass soon and everything will go back to normal”.

No it fucking won’t.

And I’m here, as well as some seriously key players in the business, to tell you why.

Well what the hell do you know, Erin?

Quite a lot. I have been in the music industry for 25 years now. I’ve done everything from show Gene Simmons how to use an electric tea kettle after cleaning up after him, to run the entire backstage of a festival with 5 stages and 80,000 attendees. I manage several successful bands. My job depends 75% on the live aspect of the music industry.

Everyone that I choose to have contribute here, all have vast knowledge and first hand experience on working in the live music scene and directly in the entertainment business. Whether it is a promoter, an agent, a label, a stage hand, a caterer, a musician, a technician, a tour bus driver, and actor / actress, a WWE wrestler, a site photographer for Game of Thrones… Everyone that contributes here will be venting about how their lives have been directly effected by this dickhead virus and what the REAL TIME prognosis looks like.

And what I know is, the entertainment sector of the planet was the first to shut down, and will be the absolute last to return to any kind of normalcy. And even when it does, the damage will take years to recover from.

So please, settle in, have a look around, contribute if you can to the fund below. I am ALWAYS open to collaborations, ideas and feedback.

Have a vent you need to vomit out on the screen? Drop me a line… Misery loves company…Am I right?